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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kyle is 9...Happy Birthday Buddy!

9 years ago Kyle Andrew Macdonald entered the world. During the half time of the wild card game Tennessee Titans vs. ??? cant remember my memory is fading! He is the coolest kid. The funny guy in our family always keeping us on our toes and making us laugh! He loves to play video games, and loves cub scouts.  Does not like to wear jeans, does not eat fruits or vegetables and is totally Mr Casual! Kyle was a wonderful baby and a a busy toddler. Being #3 is hard you know always waiting for the third time to do something, wishing his older brother and sister would not be so tough on him, but a great big brother to Lizzy. They are quite the pair.

The day begins early with mom and dad hustling about for the birthday breakfast! Kyle chose french toast and hot chocolate (which was perfect for the 19 deg weather we awoke too). After yummy french toast it was time for the infamous birthday bumps. Lizzy almost did not make it to 9. And it was a good thing mom got the picture because his drawers were falling off. (SO EMBARRASSING) Then on to the 1st present of the day. Of course he went after what he thought was the video game and was thrilled to get the new Call of Duty. Off to school for a cold and busy day learning and keeping everyone laughing. He got the funniest kid award last year but uses his amazing personality to inspire and help others in his class which is a very good thing! I am so grateful for wonderful teachers to harness his creative imagination!  Dinner was his absolute favorite Seth special fried catfish, green beans and mash potatoes. YUM YUM! Chased down by the Lemon crunch cake and rainbow sherbet. ALL OF KYLES FAVORITES, except green beans!
Kyle you are a light that shines in a crowd. Happy Birthday, we love you!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Glipse of Heavens Door

Seth and I teach primary and today we had the blessing of teaching 21 nine, ten and eleven year old children. When you think about the Old Testament your head begins to spin. I know mine did as I thought about the blessing of serving as a teacher in the primary. The opportunity to teach the youngest, purest, bravest and strongest spirits the truth. 
We began by playing jeopardy and getting the children to get into the scriptures. It required them working together as a team to find the scriptures. The first team to have 3 children that found the scripture would have the opportunity to answer the questions. The foundations of what we were learning were founded on the PLAN of SALVATION. 
  • Where did we come from?    
  • Why are we here?  
  • Where are we going?
And as we spoke it all became clear.  We are children of a Father in Heaven who loves us, while in heaven with our Father and Jesus Christ we choose to follow his plan which allows for us to come unto him; receive a body and experience free agency. Some say "so what?" I say "so that we have a chance to be perfected through him, to experience pain, true joy, anguish, unconditional love, sadness, and bliss. But through it all the goal in life is to return home to our father in heaven and bring as many of our brothers and sisters along with us.  
As a young executive for Target I was asked what I wanted to accomplish? My response was always the same to enhance my leadership and be a better person and help as many others do the same so they might be able to reach their full potential. The best part about it is we ARE NEVER ALONE and are not expected to do it alone.

"Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly of heart and ye shall find rest unto your soul." 

From the Book of Matthew these words resonate throughout my mind daily. We all have a goal, we have a common goal and we know what is required to be like our father. It is our job to bring as many of our brothers and sisters with us throughout the world. We can do it in the smallest and simplest of ways, to some it is sharing your testimony, others a small act of kindness, a service to a friend. a smile to someone to brighten their day, giving a Book of Mormon, inviting to church or other activity, sharing fundamental principle in those frequent life discussion that arise at work. The list is endless. It starts at home with our children.  I am by no means a expert on the matter but as one of those searching and striving every day to bring the spirit into my heart and into my home. I fall and pick myself up again, I am a frequent partaker of the atonement for which is the greatest of all the gifts I have ever received. But at the end of the day I AM A FIGHTER. Throughout this year I will have the blessing to serve and to learn with the purest and strongest of the youth of the church, I am so thankful. Remember at all times we can "Come Unto Him".  He will lift us, carry us, walk beside us, listen to us....again he will play whatever role we want him to. All we have to do is think of him and ask. I am blessed with 4 beautiful children, the love of my life, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. For all this I am truly grateful. REMEMBER....JUST REMEMBER, one day at a time its a long a windy road which leads to true joy and everlasting happiness!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Brisket smoking, wings heatin' up and the Macdonald Family and their friends were ready to kick of the new year in style. FeAsTiNg on yummy food and laughing!Deters tradition of  making Apron donuts" and keeping the family connected around the world. 
Bentley Hunt (pictured left) was master donut maker, she made more than any other child and they were perfect. She made the Deters family very proud. The ferrets even joined the party briefly as all the commotion was a little much.

The women gathered in the kitchen making dishes of every kind, dips, chips, crackers, cheese balls, sausage links, Julie, Tabitha, Melinda presented a feast for the families to enjoy while we played "Scene It". It was great fun, the kids tore through the house shooting nerf guns, barbies everywhere it was a playhouse for all!

Erin & Corey Carpenter ready to rock and roll at "Scene It". Even Jessica came out to play the game with Aubrey, "I think the pain med's did not help; she kept pushing "x"ended up losing but laughed once and it hurt". 

It was a wonderful way to bring in the new year with family and friends.
memories in the making here in Tyler Texas!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jessica's BIG DAY

The day arrived when Jessica would take drastic steps to to able to hear the ferret bells in the kitchen from her room, as well as many other wonderful sounds of life. The night before Jessica asked her dad for a blessing to calm her fears. She rested peacefully and awoke starving, yet she could not eat or drink till after the surgery. Anticipation and nerves were enhanced the week between Christmas and New Years as we headed to the Trinity Mother Frances surgical center. She was headed into multiple surgeries, tonsil and adenoid removal, bisection of both sinuses, and tubes put in her ears. This was in effort to return her hearing to normal and stop the snoring the endless snoring! She will likely be so embarrassed when she reads that her mom posted this. Oh well, as usual that is what Mom's are for.

"I am nervous! I was super brave as I got my first I.V. My mom sat by me the whole time holding my hand."

We waited for what seemed like hours for the doctor to arrive. Everyone kept trying to talk to Jessica and they were being so private and quiet and what was baffling the most was that Jessica could not hear anything they were saying, so she would look up at me and raise her eye brows "what?" I would remind each person you have to speak up she can not hear you, you have to "SPEAK LOUDER". They would laugh and move on.  Jessica and I laughed at them, and enjoyed reading her Nana and Opa's recent blog update on their trip to New Zealand which made time pass quickly. The doctor finally arrive and at 1:25pm she was taken back into surgery.
I sat out in the waiting room and nearly used up all the battery life in my phone as I responded to many sweet notes from family and friends to keep them up to date on what was happening. Then at about 3:15pm they took me back to see her in recovery. She was out of it and anxious for her Popsicle so we could go home. Finally about 4:45 we got dressed and headed home. I ran to the store after getting her settled to stock up on jello, pudding, sherbet, ice cream, popsicles and eggs. It was a great day for mom and daughter. I can say memories were made today that won't be soon forgotten. Jessica you were brave and strong. I was so proud of you today!

Christmas 2009

A beautiful couple! Those crazy Macdonald Kids!!
Christmas Eve started with a little snow flurry. Who would have thought in Tyler, Texas snow. In three years its happened 1x till now. Then off to our Christmas Eve Tex Mex tradition.
Then off to friends for a little Christmas Eve goodies and games. And of course returned home to our Christmas Eve tradition. The reading of The Three Trees and the finale of The Last Straw which features the Macdonald Children. As usual Christmas Day begins with the kids rolling in around 4am and mom saying, "GO BACK TO BED". Then again at 6am mom is ready to go. Mom and Dad go out and get things ready, light the fire, turn on the music and make sure Santa delivered on his promises!

The family nested down to the crackling of the fire and one by one looked at presents of love. Some bought at the store, some homemade with LOVE and some laughs and giggles that makes it fun!!
 Jessica, Zachary, Kyle, Lizzy, Lola, Robbie, Dusty and Herbie were ready.............

It is all about the memories, the traditions and the LOVE.
All Because Two People Fell in Love; LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Halloween 2009...IT'S a beautiful thing!

This Halloween it was all out and the Macdonald house, we had the latest and hottest super model "J" and her ferret LOLA,

The most beautiful Princess in the world,
PRINCESS LIZZY of the land of Flint
and the two enforcers... DARK BLADE & WIZ!!

Lead by the notorious mobster "SMAC DADDY" and his "LADY M&M"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cooper Lake State Park

October Monthly Camping Trip Update:
My on my what a trip. We love getting out of town just us and the 8 wheels that take us there. OK well by the time we got their it was only 7 wheels. Slight mishap and blown side wall but alas we landed in spot #69. Got a good night sleep listening to the rain outside anxious for our day of fishing. We took Dusty, Lola, Herbie and Robbie with us in addition to the beautiful Macdonald crew of Jessica, Zachary, Kyle and Elizabeth! They slept back in the bunkhouse with Jessica. Mom quickly began the important camping breakfast; eggs in a nest, sausage, juice and of course donuts (never forget that). We gobbled up breakgfast and headed out to get th minnows, fill up the spare tire for the trailer so we could get home and then off to the lake. Goodies. snacks, 6 chairs, tackle boxes and 5 rods ready to go. We began fishing and the first catch goes to Mr. Zach! Yes he was a one gulp catfish(4 oz at most) but what a fighter, you'd a thought we had a tuna on the other end. Then it was rather quiet. Mom decided to take the whinners home (I know you are all thinking no way, whinners at the Macdonald home. Yes its true) As Mom got out of the car she got a text Zach has caught a ginormous turtle with a hook and a worm, so quickly mom shut the truck and locked it (keys inside)! OH NO!! But no worries with less than 5 min flat MacGYVER mom had gotten in the back slide of the truck and got the keys, finished making lunch and went back to the Lake to feedb her hungry fisherman. But what she found when she got to the lake was shocking! A HUGE PAINTED TURTLE! It was awesome! Zach was so proud. We continued to fish the rest of the day very quiet, peaceful, and cold but relaxing. Then off to the camp for dinner; STEAK (MY Favorite)! Yum!The next morning we awoke, quickly ate breakfast and headed back out to the lake. We had a great time, Seth reeled in 2 good size white bass which was exciting (20 in and 12 in). It was exciting and relaxing! About lunchtime we headed back and quickly broke down camp, checked to make sure we had everything and hit the road home! What started off as very eventful calmed and turned into very relaxing! Another adventure for the memory books of the Mac's!


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