Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kyle is 9...Happy Birthday Buddy!

9 years ago Kyle Andrew Macdonald entered the world. During the half time of the wild card game Tennessee Titans vs. ??? cant remember my memory is fading! He is the coolest kid. The funny guy in our family always keeping us on our toes and making us laugh! He loves to play video games, and loves cub scouts.  Does not like to wear jeans, does not eat fruits or vegetables and is totally Mr Casual! Kyle was a wonderful baby and a a busy toddler. Being #3 is hard you know always waiting for the third time to do something, wishing his older brother and sister would not be so tough on him, but a great big brother to Lizzy. They are quite the pair.

The day begins early with mom and dad hustling about for the birthday breakfast! Kyle chose french toast and hot chocolate (which was perfect for the 19 deg weather we awoke too). After yummy french toast it was time for the infamous birthday bumps. Lizzy almost did not make it to 9. And it was a good thing mom got the picture because his drawers were falling off. (SO EMBARRASSING) Then on to the 1st present of the day. Of course he went after what he thought was the video game and was thrilled to get the new Call of Duty. Off to school for a cold and busy day learning and keeping everyone laughing. He got the funniest kid award last year but uses his amazing personality to inspire and help others in his class which is a very good thing! I am so grateful for wonderful teachers to harness his creative imagination!  Dinner was his absolute favorite Seth special fried catfish, green beans and mash potatoes. YUM YUM! Chased down by the Lemon crunch cake and rainbow sherbet. ALL OF KYLES FAVORITES, except green beans!
Kyle you are a light that shines in a crowd. Happy Birthday, we love you!


  1. Happy Belated to Kyle! What a fun birthday! I'm so glad you guys have kept up the tradition of "birthday bumps!"

    Love and miss you guys!

  2. Happy Birthday Kyle!!! Sounds like it was a fabulous day!

    love you guys!
    Chad, Angela, Brendan and Kiley

  3. Sounds like Kyle had a great birthday. Birhday bumps are a great tradition! Love you guys!

  4. Happy Birthday Kyle! We love you! Mr happy guy we loved being with you at Thanksgiving. We saw that jolly and celebrating personality and we love you so much Love Nana and Opa

  5. Happy Birthday Kyle! I love all of your birthday traditions, Melinda - so much fun, and Kyle's choice of birthday food has me drooling! Jeff & Kyle would get along great - he LOVES Call of Duty!



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